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Black Venus (1983)


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Year: 1983
Country: Bahamas / USA
Genre: Erotic, Drama
Quality: BDRip
Language: English

Director: Claude Mulot
Studio: Severin Films, Film Accounting Services, Playboy Enterprises

Starring: Josephine Jacqueline Jones, Jose Antonio Ceinos, Emiliano Redondo, Helga Line, Florence Guerin, Mandy Rice-Davies, Karin Schubert, Lone Fleming, Monique Gabrielle, Emilio Linder, Elmer Modling, Ricardo Palacios
Description: Former Miss Bahamas Josephine Jacqueline Jones sparked an international firestorm with her debut starring role as Venus, the stunning ebony seductress whom no man - or woman - can possibly resist. But when Venus becomes the muse and lover of an impoverished young sculptor, she succumbs to a staggering odyssey of savage abuse, Sapphic lust and extreme carnal degradation. In a Victorian society ruled by sexual repression and personal perversion, will the touch of her flesh lead them to the most depraved and shocking act of all?

File Size: ~3950MB
Resolution: 1800x1080
Duration: 95 min
Format: mp4

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Black Venus.mp4 - 3.8 GB
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